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About Potato Hill Poetry

Potato Hill Poetry was founded by Andrew Green in the fall of 1994. As a former English teacher in the Vermont public school system, Mr.Green discovered a need for teachers and students to share poems and exercises and to read and learn about poetry. Potato Hill Poetry is a realization of that need.

For the past 10 years Mr.Green has been conducting writing, portfolio, and poetry workshops for teachers and students in schools around the country. Potato Hill Poetry seeks to celebrate the mystery of language, and create a vehicle for further discussion and exploration of poetry and poetic forms. Ultimately, it hopes to promote the sometimes far-fetched notion that poetry belongs to us all.


We are all like flowers.
One daisy, one rose, one tulip.
But we are all flowers.
We are all like candy. One
gum, one chocolate, one starburst.
But we are all candy.
We are all like paint. One
blue, one red, one yellow.
But we are all paint.
We are all like friends. One
Abbie, one Jenny, one me.

(Kate Selker, Grade Three)

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