Potato Hill Poetry

Poetry Belongs to Us All

Inservice Workshops:

Inservice workshops are designed to give teachers new strategies to teach poetry and writing in the classroom. These workshops will strengthen your school’s writing program and build a literacy foundation to excite your students about writing.

Half-Day Poetry Workshop
Strengthen your school’s writing and poetry program!  Andrew Green will excite your teachers about the power and potential of poetry to transform their classrooms.  He will empower teachers to make connections between students, poetry, and the thrill of writing with dynamic exercises and hands-on classroom techniques.  Mr. Green will expose the power of poetry as a tool for teaching writing, revising, reading, and thinking.

This workshop will include mini-lessons on detail, word choice, figurative language and revision. We will look at samples of student writing and discover a variety of exercises to guide and encourage us in the classroom. In addition, this workshop will explore how poetry can reach our reluctant writers and open doors to other avenues of literacy work. Come with a notebook and pencil.