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Testimonials from former students and their parents:

Remarkable! It is remarkable how this program has inspired my daughter, a student who can really struggle at school, to proclaim she is a writer. She was thrilled to attend.

Kate Leavey

I loved it so much that I’m coming back next year.


As always, Camilla enjoyed your program. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you provide.

Bridget Samuel

I really enjoyed the variety of writing styles and the different ways we went about writing. The atmosphere was non-judgemental which was nice, and allowed me to open up a little.


I am so happy to see how creative our children are after only a few days. Thank you for all the love and care you show our children.

Angelique Tung

I loved my experience in the camp. My favorite experiences were the interviews and the nature walks.


My favorite activity was the folktale one. It’s a fascinating genre.


I really liked free-writing and the nature walk and the “How to…” poems.


It was awesome. Keep doing it.


I loved writing the fiction stories and writing about food. I loved the whole experience here.