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Poetry Belongs to Us All 

“My son, Daniel, attended Andrew Green's poetry workshop in third grade at Russell Street School last month.  The next day, he wrote 9 poems.  He has been carrying about a journal to write them when the thought strikes him.  Given the fact that my son had struggled to learn to read and had been a reluctant writer, we couldn't be more delighted!”
-Holly Ballard, Speech Therapist, Middle and High School, Littleton, MA

Andy new about

Andrew Green is an award-winning writer, poet and gifted teacher whose work has appeared in The New York Times, New England Review, Vermont Life, Yankee Magazine and numerous other publications. He is the editor of The Potato Hill Poetry Handbook and co-editor of The Portfolio Sourcebook. While teaching English in the Vermont public school system, he discovered a need for teachers and students to learn about the power of poetry. Potato Hill Poetry, founded in 1995, is a realization of that need. His teaching and writing experience includes work as a newspaper reporter, teacher, tutor, editor, publisher and consultant to the Vermont Department of Education.

For the past 35 years Mr. Green has conducted thousands of workshops for teachers and students in schools across the country. His workshops motivate and inspire students of all ages to become better writers and poets and to develop a love for the written word. His work has been supported and funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Vermont Arts Council. In the summer, he directs a creative writing program in Natick, Massachusetts where he resides.

Prizes, Honors, Fellowships:

  • Finalist Award, Non-fiction, Vermont Council of the Arts

  • Fellowship Award, Bread Loaf Graduate School of English

  • Finalist, Distinguished Achievement Award, Educational Press

  • Poetry Slam Championship Award, Natick, MA


  • B.S. Ed. University of Vermont

  • M.A. English, Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College

Thank you for believing in open-ended choice, for believing that kids have their own stories to tell—no gimmicks needed. The day flew by — very useful, very inspiring, very entertaining!"
-Carol Brennan, Middle School Teacher, Trumball, CT.

"Fabulous ideas! I can’t wait to work with my 3rd graders."
-Melissa ten Berge, Elementary Teacher, Huntington, CA

"This was fun, plain and simple. You are funny, a natural teacher, and quite simply, a genius."
-Karen Livsey, Middle School Teacher, Warwick, RI

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