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Poetry Workshops and Residencies:

Andrew Green works with large groups (presentations in auditorium, cafeteria, gym, library) and small groups (directly in the classroom) alike. His presentations and writing workshops are vibrant, dynamic, and full of lessons about writing and poetry. His work, which is student-centered and based on specific writing skills and strategies, is used in classrooms throughout the country.

Poetry workshops and residencies are offered for grades 1 – 12 throughout the entire school year. Exercises in metaphor, wordplay, observation, rhythm, narrative, and collaboration will serve to stimulate student poetry writing. "We will look at a variety of poems to serve as models to learn from and then write our own as we explore language and how it works to create meaning and music."

His work in the classroom dovetails with many of the skills within the new Common Core State Standards.

My workshops are grounded in the belief that writing and poetry are meaningful and exciting forms of communication that can be made accessible for students at all levels of development. My focus in the classroom is to create exercises and activities that help students discover the thrill of writing and reading their own work out loud. They get to see and hear the power of words and rhythms as they make meaning out of language and sound. We will mine our own lives and the world around us for material.”  
– Andrew Green


Andrew Green’s Presentations will:

  • Teach poetic language as a tool to strengthen all types of writing

  • Motivate students to actually want to write and revise

  • Inspire students to find their own voice through poetic writing

  • Stimulate students’ writing with exercises in metaphor, observation, rhythm, narrative

  • Engage students in the writing process through modeling, discussion, and mini lessons

  • Enhance students’ ability to improve on writing and reading tests

  • Strengthen students’ inferential reading skills

  • Empower students to become detective poets, reading for meaning

  • Illustrate how poetry teaches writing skills through vocabulary, word choice, detail

To Book a Workshop of Residency Contact Andrew Green:

Call: (508) 727-1999

Booking for Current School Year and Beyond

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