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What Are They Saying About Andew Green and His Work in the Schools…

“Andrew Green has been coming to our 4th grade as our Poet in Residence for a number of years, and we all look forward to this special day. He never presents the same workshop twice -- even within the day -- and each one instructs, empowers, and inspires our students to write original and evocative poems filled with unique imagery. Watching Andrew as a teacher, I feel as though I am also getting professional development from a master poet and teacher, right along with my students having their writing workshops. Andrew Green is not to be missed.”
-Evie Weinstein-Park, Teacher, Principal, Solomon Schechter Day School, Newton, MA

“Andrew has come to our school for three years in a row and each year the program just gets better. I initially convinced our PTO to bring Potato Hill Poetry to our school because we wanted to improve our “inferential learning” score on MCAS. We achieved so much more than a better score. We have students expressing themselves in new, unique ways and teachers responding to their work with understanding, enthusiasm and excitement.”
-Joanne Avallon, Enrichment Coordinator, PTO, Cove School, Beverly, MA

“Proctor’s 4th and 5th graders were inspired to be creative, imaginative, and reflective as Andrew Green worked his magic to encourage them to transform their wonderful thoughts into poetry. The process he employs engages students and staff alike. His program enriches and validates our school’s literacy initiatives.”
-Margaret Donohoe, Principal, Proctor School, Northborough, MA

“A million thanks for coming in to work with the kids over the past two weeks! What a wonderful opportunity it was for me to work with you and see you in action. You are inspirational to the kids and to us as teachers of writing. You have left behind a wake of excitement and enthusiasm for poetry. Bravo!”

-Nancy Melbourne, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Blanchard School, Boxborough, MA

“I heard back from three teachers and they all loved your presentation. It related so well to the curriculum and all of the students seemed engaged. I was very impressed how you captured everyone’s attention. You have a great way of teaching. We would love to have you back at Broadmeadow next year. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talents.”

-Lauren Donovan, Creative Arts Committee, Broadmeadow School, Needham, MA

“Andrew Green has worked in my first-grade classroom for eight years. He opens their eyes to the world of words. Andrew makes poetry fun for first graders. They experience success under his guidance to keep going on their own. And it is amazing to watch where they go with it.”

-Dot Hamilton, First-Grade Teacher, McCarthy School, Framingham, MA

“Both students and teachers benefited from working with Andrew Green this year. He inspired teachers to incorporate poetry into their instruction, and inspired children to write. The poetry that children wrote was nothing less than amazing! His presentations were engaging, effective, and truly inspiring.” 

-Jill Barnhardt, Principal, Old County Rd. School, Smithfield, RI

“When going through old books of my son (who is just now in 6th grade), I came across his Fourth Grade book in which he wrote his poems.  One was so good – I mean beautiful, poignant – that I have it in my office and behind my bathroom mirror (so I see it every day).  You are truly a talented individual to bring out children’s creative inner selves.”

-Laura Unflat, Creative Arts and Science Committee Chair, Angier School, Newton, MA

“Please let me thank you for such a wonderful day at the Callahan School here in Norwood.  The teachers have done nothing short of rave about you and the tremendous job you did with our fourth and fifth grade classes.  One fifth grade teacher, in particular, told me that she  assigned no homework to her class for the night following your workshop, but just about every single child returned the next morning with lots of poetry to share with her and the other students.  You truly have inspired our children to explore the art of poetry and to also think so much more creatively.  I look forward to having you come back to our school and work your poetic magic once again.”

-Chris Larsen, Enrichment Coordinator, C.M. Callahan School, Norwood, MA

“Andrew, you rock! Your ideas and strategies are brilliant! Your work is inspirational to all. I’ve grown so much due to your workshops. The insight that you provide will be with me forever.”

-Mandi Kowalik, Elementary Teacher, Clayton Huey School, Center Moriches, NY

“Andrew Green does an excellent job of presenting not only the art of writing but the craft of writing. He gives his listeners the knowledge and confidence to go back to the classroom to inspire good writing. Thank you.”

-K. Solomon, Elementary Teacher, Amagansett School, Amagansett, NY

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